Our fine art print shop is live!

Updated: Mar 29

The Typespire shop is now LIVE at Since the inception of Typespire, it has always been about the community, creating, sharing & showcasing the best typography Instagram has to offer. Over the years we have built some great relationships with artists and businesses who all share a common love, type. That has been evident in this phase 1 launch, working alongside a select few of our favourite typographers & designers.

Since the beginning of time... well the end of 2019 to be exact, we have been working our butts off here at Typespire HQ. What on? I hear you mutter. Well several things really. The first being a shop in which we can showcase the best works from the best artists (just like our instagram feed). Some of which do not have the platform nor the reach to showcase their work to hundreds of thousands of people. Everyone deserve's that right?! All under one big creative roof over at

BUT, then the C word happened!

Over the last couple of weeks preparing for launch, we have seen a drastic change in life globally. We umm'ed and ahh'ed whether to postpone launch, BUT have decided to go ahead as planned for two main reasons:

1 - Freelancers and small businesses across the world are struggling financially due to the impact of Covid-19. Events cancelled, commissions canceled, inability to move freely to meetings etc. So we feel it's our duty to continue on our mission to create opportunity for our community. The more we can sell, the more our artists earn. Hopefully helping them through the financial squeeze that'll be coming over the coming months.

2 - High street shops are closing and lots of people are now confined to their homes. We want to do our bit to brighten up those spaces! Now more than ever is a great time to refresh your space, and add some much needed art, creativity and inspiration to those walls! Anything to stop us all going crazy, right?

The journey so far

Over the past 7 years, we have loved building relationships with great artists from all corners of the world; sharing and showcasing their work and skills. This has even helped springboard many of them onto great things, creating opportunities for them to work with great clients and boost their social profiles.

Ben - our founder, has always wanted Typespire to have a physical presence, not just digital. So here we introduce our first of many new exciting projects we have cooking.

We have been reaching out to many artists for phase 1 of our shop launch, creating a unique and diverse range of typographical art. Probably the best selection on the interwebs if we do say so ourselves. We pride ourself in showcasing talent, big and small, and that's what our shop is fundamentally about. In addition to the support of the Typespire social pages, each artist will be part of the community, all helping support each other.

We will slowly be adding more and more great work and great artists, building on the current selection, as well as offering new products. Very exciting times indeed!

Phase 2

We are currently on the hunt for artists for phase 2, so please send your submissions, along with your instagram handle to subject: phase 2.

Thats all for now folks, we hope you are as excited about this as we are and please remember by shopping on Typespire, you are supporting our community of artists globally.

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