Huawei Launches their 2020 Global Theme Design Competition with a $300k prize fund.

In association with Theme Design Awards 2020.

Zhang Wangzhe - A Magical Night at the Gallery.

Smartphone & watch brand Huawei has launched their 2020 Global Theme Design Competition that offers artists and designers a great opportunity for global recognition. 

There is a super impressive overall prize fund of $300,000 & a top prize of $20,000 including grant funding. The 2020 Huawei Global Theme Design Competition is big & could provide some much needed boosts in our creative world. 

Your designs will be judged by a prestigious jury, including the world renowned designers David Carson & Wang Ziyuan. Winners will become Huawei’s official theme designers and will collaborate with the brand, sharing their designs to its 600million users globally. 

There are 4 main categories to the competition; Themes, Wallpapers, Watchfaces & Cities. All with the overall design theme of ‘Visionary Art’.

We hope you’re all as excited as we are for this competition and if so, more information can be found on our website in the link in our bio. Good Luck! ✨

To enter, you need to register and submit your designs HERE.

Winners will be announced on 22 July 2020.

Guest designer work featured to help inspire you:

Tang Yi - The Rays of Hong Meng

Eero Lampinen

Li Min - Cherry Blossoms at Yellow Crane Tower

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