How to sell your creative content and make a passive income

Selling your creative work can be confusing but don’t worry because we’re here to help make it easier… by selling it together!

Having a separate stream of income is invaluable for creatives, especially in a time of job uncertainty. So we’ve set up Team Typespire with our partner Yellow Images, in order to help you buy and sell creative assets stress-free. You can buy and sell high-quality premium mockups, fonts, images 360, and a creative store full of amazing lettering, brushes, presets, textures, and more.

Yellow Images is the number one marketplace of more than 40K high-quality premium mockups, creative fonts, Images 360° and a creative store full of amazing graphic assets like lettering, icons, illustrations, pattern, textures, presets, brushes, UX & UI kits and more.

Here are 10 key reasons as to why you should sign up to Yellow Images:

1. Higher conversion rate in comparison with other stocks. Pricing policy takes into account the interests of both authors and customers. Authors get high income, meanwhile, customers can still afford to buy Yellow Images’ assets. Your works are for sale an unlimited number of times, so you keep getting a stable income!

2. Create a team of Authors, earn more. Create your own team of authors by inviting other artists with different expertise like 2D and 3D graphics, become a team leader, and get a 20% bonus from the sales of your team members. Team members can also invite their friends and get that 20% bonus. So the more people are involved, the higher is the profit, so is your passive income.

3. Sell your creative content at all Yellow Images’ markets. Submit works to all of the 4 categories: Object Mockups, Creative Store, Images 360, Creative Fonts and become popular among customers! The more works you create, the higher is the profit. If you create a mockup you can also submit a 3D layer to it, and that will add up to the price. Pack your mockups in a set and submit it to our Creative Store. If your object fits our Images 360, you only need an additional rendering and can submit it as well. All your ideas are worth it.

4. Support of community and professional growth. You can learn with the best Yellow Images’ Authors, by becoming their team members. We are developing a very friendly Author’s Community so you can constantly cooperate with the best professionals, get their support, and constructive feedback on your works. In addition, you can join our Author’s Academy to get up-to-date design-related insights and improve your skills by watching the exclusive live streams and tutorials at a comfortable time.

5. Quick start and first sales. You don’t need to be super experienced to become an Author. Our community supports newcomers and helps them to get on board, develop new skills, and receive their first income in a short time. You can already track the first results in a couple of hours after uploading your first work.

6. Feedback from the community. Our Author’s Team is always here to help you — they provide you with feedback, analyze issues, and give some useful tips on how to increase the quality of your works. This is what helps to grow professionally, improve your skills, and ensure a high conversion rate of your works.

7. Help with your content. We are always ready to assist if needed. You make awesome Images 360 and photos, but working in Photoshop can be challenging? No problem! Our design team can help you out with some part of editing and rendering that, so you can spend more time doing what you love!

8. Inspiration for content making. We study market trends, evaluate the ranks of the works on Yellow, and share our data with the Authors. This way they can decide on which markets will give them more income.

9. A variety of markets to match your skills. Yellow Images is a marketplace where every creator can find an appropriate niche. From 3D modelling and CGI rendering up to graphic design and photo editing — your expertise is applicable in any case. Do what you love, put up your works for sale to any market, and convert your skills and connections into a monetary value.

10. Collaborations. Unite with other creative professionals to make collaborations, create even more amazing products together, and increase your sales. Save time and manage challenging tasks together.

Along with this, if you sign up via our link HERE, we'll be actively promoting and working with you to get you up and running on Yellow Images.

So what are you waiting for? Start making an income from your creative works right now. Join our Typespire Team on Yellow Images by following the link in our bio.

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