How to Get Featured

Updated: Mar 5

On a daily basis we get someone approach us with the grand old question… “How can I appear on your feed? and I’m going to let you know into a secret… *Insert drum roll*… we don’t really have an answer.

However, we can give you some solid starting points.

It’s all about getting our attention (in a good way obviously). We’re not wanting picture of dressed up dogs or photos from your all inclusive holiday to Cairo.

Firstly you can start by tagging your post with the hashtag #typespire. This will help us see your work as we regularly look through the range of work tagged, as well as following the hashtag at the work that is being liked and commented the most. Feel free to tag us in your photos. Although we have the alerts turned off due to excessive pinging, this may help us to find your work in our tagged section.

Lastly, comment on the work we post. Not only is it supporting other people, it is also a clever way to get noticed as it makes you a more integral part of the typespire community.Although a lot of you slip into our DM’S, its not always possible for us to go through these so please try the above.Our curators @james and @ben are always scouring Instagram for new work to champion. Giving them a bit of love too often leads to extra brownie points.We are also actively looking for partners to platform themselves and advertise on @typespire.

If this peaks your interest feel free to get in touch by emailing

If you’re looking to advertise on @typespire, take a look at our partnerships page.

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