Happy Birthday to us!

Updated: Mar 30

Starting in 2013 as a response to a University challenge, @typespire was created to be a self-run website community… now we are something much bigger.

The brief was simple, make a website where the users define the content. As we started growing, it became obvious that we were growing a community; a place that people could share work, find some new work contacts and most amazingly of all, make new friends.

Showing creative inspiration was not only something that we wanted to do for ourselves, but also to help inspire our community get opportunities they may not have day to day.

Partnering with some big creative companies, we had managed to offer our community the chance to work with some great companies such as @procreate, @skillshare and @unsplash.

In 2020, we want to do more of that, so stay tuned for what should be an exciting year for all at @typespire.

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