Updated: Apr 1

During this time of uncertainty, especially with fellow freelancers and small business owners, we want to bring some opportunity and good news in this crazy world. So...

Typespire are teaming up with Linkin Park & Fort Minor's Mike Shinoda in a bid to find him some cover artwork during our isolation period!

Listening to his new track 'Open Door', Mike decided that it needed a second voice so is crowd sourcing the vocals via Twitter. So we reached out to Mike to propose we crowd source the artwork too!

Giving our community the opportunity to create amazing things for amazing people, I mean it's our motto right? In addition to this Mike will be awarding a prize of $1,000 US to the winning artist!

How do I enter?

Once you have created your artwork, all you need to do is post it to your Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #DesignOpenDoor, and tag @m_shinoda and @typespire

What do I need to create?

The creative brief here really is in your court. Strong typography, photography or illustration will all offer something different. We really would like to see a variety of styles so feel free to get creative! It is very important you own all of the images used in your design.

The artwork should be high-resolution and in a square format to suit record cover dimensions.

You can listen to the song (so far) below!

Mike has offered the below as a mood board image.


Aimed at members of the Instagram community that have lost out on work or may just have a bit of spare time in isolation, this project will have a deadline of Sunday 29th March 2020 where Mike and @typespire will then pick the lucky winner!


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